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The Grand House hotel

Project | 鄭州象之屋THE GRAND HOUSE

Location | Zhengzhou, China

Interior design | YANG (Yang Bangsheng & Associates Group)

The Grand House hotel is located at Hongguang Concord Plaza, Zhengzhou. The hotel is built and designed by the world's fifth-ranked Yangbangsheng Hotel Design Group. Guest rooms are around 40-45m2 equipped with Jin Keer mattresses, Italian luxury ACCA KAPPA toiletries, open bathtubs, electric curtains... The hotel's fitness center is made of pure solid wood equipment. The evening executive lounge offers a variety of whiskeys and cocktails and exclusive high-end services.

From every corner of the hotel's design, we can see the aura of landscape decoration: white gravel, primitive stone slabs, clusters of flowers, colour conversion, the real and virtual of light and shadow overlap here. The presentation of creative soft furnishings, decorative ornaments, sophisticated and unique of lighting fixtures, and other small details are all interwoven to create a touchable, sensible, comfortable, practical, modern space. The sense of place transformation itself tells the superb and uniqueness of design skills.

All lighting fixtures using in the project is designed and manufactured by VTEL, which makes us so proud to be part of this project!

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